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The final result should look something like: https://orange.limedaley.com:8443/

If you aren't sure what your server name is, email support, and we'll get right back to you.



These links are a little harder to show you examples.

To form the correct URL, you should leave the ".com" off of your domain name. A correctly-formed URL would be: https://google-mail.limedaley.com/

Secure Document Hosting (read more)

Do you need access to important medical and legal documents while away from home?  Do you wish that there was a secure way to have those documents easily retrievable no matter where you are?  Lime Daley's secure document hosting service will enable you to upload documents safely, categorize them as appropriate, and then retrieve them later with a PIN number for each category.

How do I disable the spam filter? (read more)

  • I like getting spam, and I don't want to use your really, really good spam filter, but instead get all the advertisements for enlarging various body parts.  Can I do that?

How do I forward my email to my Yahoo account? (read more)

One customer reported this trouble:

If you are trying to download your Lime Daley email from Yahoo and get the following error:

Unfortunately, there was a problem:
POP server does not support LAST command. You may only retrieve POP mail
from this server using "get all messages."

FTP Login failure (read more)

  • I am getting a "530 Login authentication failed" message, but I know I am typing in the correct username and password.

Customer Referral Program (read more)

Any existing Lime Daley customer can take advantage of our referral program to reduce or eliminate costs – or even get a check in the mail – when he refers a new customer who utilizes Lime Daley for software development, web site design or web site hosting.